Do you ever wonder how the pros do it? Well, moving is not easy but here are three tips that can make your move more efficient. Whether you decide to hire professionals like us or decide to move yourself, these tips can make your move go more smoothly.


For example, if you have a lot of boxes it will go easier at the unloading site if your movers know exactly where to place the boxes. Of course, do not use the color coded tape for securing the boxes. I recommend using good old fashioned packing tape for box security. But anyways, you can tear off a piece of colored masking tape and place it on the corner of the box. You could come up with your own color code. For example, Yellow means Kitchen, Red means Living room, Blue means Upstairs, Black means downstairs. It could get a little confusing if you forget the meaning behind the color code, but if you write down the color code you should not forget it. Also, as a side note, I do not recommend placing tape of any type on furniture, especially wooden furniture.


Stretch wrap, besides blankets and dollies, are a movers best friend. Shrink wrap can help secure weak furniture and maybe even protect some furniture from scratches. However, I do not recommend sole reliance on shrink wrap for furniture protection. Blankets should always be used to protect furniture. My favorite use of shrink wrap is its ability to hold drawers in. Moving dressers can be difficult especially if the drawers are not secured from sliding out. A couple of wraps around your dressers with shrink wrap will prevent scuffs on your dressers and holes in your walls. We use shrink wrap all the time when we move our customers.


It is important to have a timeline for your move. Have all your closing dates together and pinpointed. Know when you must move out of your old residence and know when you will be able to move into your new one. Failure to know your closing dates can result in a cancellation of service from your selected mover… or if you have decided to move yourself, it can mess up your schedule on your truck rental. If you know your closing dates, but are unsure of when you can move into your new residence, you can find yourself in a position where you might need to place all of your belongings in storage. Our company offers storage in transit. We can hold your possessions on our trucks for a week or two, or if you need more time, recommend you to a storage unit company. Customized quotes can be given for storage in transit moves where we hold your possessions on our trucks, and we may be able to give you a good deal. So even if you do find yourself in an awkward position with your closing and your moving in dates, we can work around this. However, always know your dates. Knowing your dates will make your move more efficient because you will be able to plan according to your schedule instead of having to act in desperation to make things work.