Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Difference between Partial Packing, Full Packing, and Full Service Moving?

If you have a quote given for partial packing there is a reason that the quote is lower than full packing or full service. Partial packing usually consists of packing china ware, knick-knacks, and sometimes books, dvd's, and pictures. Of course, every partial packing quote is geared differently to meet your unique needs. If you just need help here and there, or if you need a whole kitchen packed, partial packing may be the way to go for you. As a rule of thumb though, partial packing consists of 30% of your household or less and is given with the understanding that you will do the majority of the packing yourself. For example in a 2,000 square foot home, we would only be responsible for packing 600 sq. ft. Or if your house has 9 rooms (Livingroom, Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Diningroom, Master Bathroom, Kitchen, Guest Bathroom, Study, and Family Room) We would only be responsible for completely packing a maximum of 2-3 rooms. Of course, each home is different and rooms are bigger than others and have more things in some rooms as compared to other rooms. We take this in mind when developing the quote that will be right for you, and we will specify to you what partial packing includes and excludes.

With a full packing quote, full packing services will be given. We will provide anywhere from the majority of the packing services to all of the packing services ourselves. As a rule of thumb, full packing services include 60% or more of your household that will be packed by our packing specialists. What is included and excluded from these quotes will be clarified to you. Full packing quotes are given with the understanding that we will provide the majority of the packing services, while you the customer will do 0% to 40% of the packing yourself.

With Full Service Moving/Packing, we will provide unloading/loading services, full packing services, and partial/full unpacking services. Partial unpacking and full unpacking is merely just based on your preference. It is very important to not confuse Full Packing with Full Service Moving/Packing.

2. What is difference between Basic Valuation and Insurance?

Basic Valuation protects your goods at 60 cents per pound per article. Insurance can give your goods a higher valuation and protection; however, basic valuation is free and included in every quote, while full valuation insurance is not free. If you wish to purchase additional insurance, or have any additional questions about our insurance program, give us a call and we can try our best to answer your questions. In the meantime, you can click on the following link: